C & F Cosmetics Green Tea Facial Mask Sheet Pack (10 Pcs)

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C & F Cosmetics Green Tea Facial mask sheet pack X 10pcs. C&F Facial Mask Pack are individually packaged and the ideal solution for thirsty skin, leaving you feeling refreshed. The pure, natural cotton mask are free of chemicals and high in nutritional ingredients which are easily absorbed. Use our convenient masks whenever your skin needs moisture and nutrition and to maintain your skin's appearance. They are simple, disposable and convenient. Use freely to provide skin with hassle free quality skin care. Your skin tone will be even and protected from outdoor pollutants. Our products help to naturally enable activation of the skin's metabolism and to heighten moisture intensively and quickly. Generally can be used on most types of skin

How to Use
1. Wash your face clean and clear and take one mask pack sheet out of the pouch opened. 2. Spread the mask sheet evenly on your face and make it stick to your face. 3. Relax for 20~30 minutes for the enriched ingredients to be absorbed into your skin and remove the sheet. 4. Softly message your face to make the remaining ingredients be absorbed entirely. You must put the left masks in the closed zipper and store them in the refrigerator after you use the mask in order not to dry them.

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