Cheong-Kwan-Jang Korean Red Ginseng Pure Extracts Cut Grade

Cheong-Kwan-Jang Korean Red Ginseng Pure Extracts Cut Grade

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Pre-sorted by grade of root, and pre-mixed only with what is considered a perfect amount of pure water for the most uncompromised and traditional way of consumption, our 100% six-year-old premium Korean Red Ginseng root extracts are now available as KRG Pure Extracts. KRG Pure Extracts differ from KRG Extract in that KRG Extract is highly concentrated and jarred for multi-use, whereas KRG Pure Extract is served in single use, ready-to-consume packet. Additionally, KRG Pure Extracts come pre-graded as Earth, Good, or Cut Grade extracts. As with all of our extracts, KRG Pure Extracts retain the rich flavor of ginseng and their active components at an optimal level, such that even a small dose is enough to reap all of the health benefits of red ginseng.
ABOUT KOREAN GINSENG GRADING: Ginseng roots are traditionally classified into grades based on structure and quality. While agricultural quality means the same throughout cultures, Eastern medicinal enthusiasts often note the benefits of the organic structure and believe this structure may affect potency. Below, you will find definitions for the following grades of root available to our KRG Pure Extract line:
Earth Grade Roots (地蔘), Good Grade Roots (良蔘), Cut Grade Roots (切蔘)
Earth Grad
地蔘 Superior quality human-shaped main roots with 1~3 legs of the best roots grown for no less than six years, prized for their whole perfection, and sought dearly by those practicing Eastern medicine.
Good Grade
良蔘 Excellent quality human-shaped main root with less developed legs grown for no less than six years, prized universally for their near perfection.
Cut Grade
切蔘 Root cuts hand-selected from the highest quality Korean red ginseng roots regardless of the root body form resemblances and therefore popular for their value amongst Western users.

How to Use
KRG Pure Extracts are served in single-use packets with just the right amount of extract and just the right amount of pure water for the most traditional consumption. Also consumed chilled from the refrigerator as a highly refreshing and invigorating cold drink, the traditional way to take ginseng extract and to make it into a ginseng tea. This may be done by pouring the contents of the KRG Pure Extract packet into mug, warming, and adding honey to taste. Extract may also be added to cooking broth, the way roots have been added for centuries, to make for more flavorful, healthy meals. All Cheong Kwan Jang branded extracts are made from Korean red ginseng roots grown and tended to for no less than six years, achieving the highest level of efficacy and grown and processed under strict quality controls developed for over 100 years, ensuring the highest quality product.

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