Dr. Jart+ Silver Label Rejuvenating BB Cream 1.69oz/48g

Brand: Dr. Jart+

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Whitening, UV Protection and Moisturizing
SPF 35 / PA++

Whitening and protection from the environmental stress & UV exposure. No need extra sun block cream and provides natural look and easiness. Not only covers trouble sopt, also your sensitive skin.

All Time Best Seller for Troubled & Sensitive Skins

Safe for the troubled skin type Original Silver Label BB Cream

Whitening and broad spectrum UBA/UVB Protection
Multi-function Cream: whitening and protection from environmental stress & UV exposure. Makes your skin look natural.

Relief and Sensitive Skin
No need extra sun block cream and provides your skin relief and good feeling for all day long.

Covers redness and trouble spot
Not only covers trouble spot but also your sensitive skin.
Provides you natural look and easiness.

How to Use
1. Apply on your face and neck evenly after skin or essence. No need to use make-up base or foundation. Use sun cream before BB Cream if needed.

2. If you have lots of sebums, minimize skin or essence.

3. Repeat applying when staying outside for long.

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