Eye Charm Double Eyelid Tape 50 pairs

Brand: Eye Charm

Product Code: SKU-53671

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Price: $3.00
Before using Eye Charm Double Eyelid Tape, cleanse your face and eye area.
* Remove Eye Charm Double Eyelid Tape from sheets carefully using tweezers.
* [Optional] Cut Eye Charm Double Eyelid Tape to desired shape based on individual’s eye shape.
* Apply Eye Charm carefully – close to eyelash line (see picture)

How to Use
Eye Charm made to give you the look of bigger eyes, shaped in an arch to make it easier to apply. It makes thin eyelids clearly visible. Also good for those who want to enhance their eyes. Easy to apply make-up after Eye Charm on. Continuous use of Eye Charm makes your eyelids permanent without surgery.

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