SK II Signs Wrinkle Serum 1fl.oz/30g

SK II Signs Wrinkle Serum 1fl.oz/30g

Brand: SK II
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Inspired by women who want a solution that "fights and repairs" wrinkles, SK-II has developed NEW SK-II Signs Wrinkle Serum containing Pitera® with N-acetyl Glucosamine (NAG), Niacinamide and Microglycan. It works on the length and depth of wrinkles to help plump up wrinkles so they become less noticeable.

How to Use
After washing your face, tone the skin with a lotion, then dispense the product on the hand by pressing the pump twice or three times. Apply to the forehead, both cheeks, jaw line and chin. Gently spread over the entire face. Use in the morning and night. Apply an extra amount on the area of wrinkle concern.
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