IOPE Super Vital Cream Bio Intensive 1.69fl.oz/50ml

IOPE Super Vital Cream Bio Intensive 1.69fl.oz/50ml

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Strengthens skin’s essential compounds, thereby enhancing skin firmness and unveiling skin’s youthful radiance
All Skin Types

Next generation bio technology: Glyco-biology
'Bio Science for skin'
"Glyco-biology" technology, which was used to create Super Vital Cream Bio Intensive, has been researched for over 100 years and earned seven Nobel Prizes in the last decade. It was also selected as one of "The Top 10 World-Changing Technologies" by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With aging, skin begins to lose its natural firmness, and its surface becomes rough and dry like the surface of volcanic stones.

IOPE thus researched and developed a special anti-aging cream with its unique glyco-biology technology to solve women's common skin concerns.

BIO Glycan™ helps revitalize skin and boosts skin firmness.
BIO Glycan™, a compound with three essential components
Developed with the next generation science, BIO Glycan™ reinforces skin’s essential compounds.
Reinforces essential compounds that are indispensable for your skin.
BIO Glycan™ reinforces skin’s essential compounds, increases skin density and delivers firm and smooth skin. In particular, amentoflavone, which is a main compound of BIO Glycan™, vitalizes skin and improves skin health.

Improves skin firmness and radiance from deep within
'For firmer and brighter evens out skin,'
Super Vital Cream Bio Intensive improves the skin's regenerating capacity, strengthens the skin barrier, evens out skin, boosts skin firmness and increases skin density from deep within. Key components containing amentoflavone provide comprehensive anti-aging care, for firmer, smoother, healthier and radiant skin.

How to Use
After applying eye cream every morning and evening, apply a nickel-size amount (0.5 ml) in equal portion onto the forehead, cheeks and chin. Gently pat dry for enhanced firmness.
Pat dry the skin surface until the product is completely absorbed deep inside in order to enhance absorption and boost skin firmness.
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