Hae Yo Paraffin Glove 2pcs/1set

Hae Yo Paraffin Glove 2pcs/1set

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- With the specific penetration of paraffin, you can feel younger skin with vitamins and nutrient supply and cell activation.
- Easy to use anywhere, anytime.
- Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-paraben medical wax and natural ingredients protect your skin.
- Time to return to baby's skin

How to Use
01. Pour hot water to the hot water line shown on the package and close the pack.
02. The label changes from blue to pink as the paraffin melts.
03. Use the paraffin if it cools down a bit and the heart turns blue.
04. Please cut the scales on the wrist with scissors.
05. Put your hand in a paraffin glove and glue it with a double-sided tape to prevent heat loss, then care for 15-20 minutes.
06. Remove the wax from your hands with a tissue.
07. Pretty hands with full of nutrition and moisture are completed!
08. Use it when the heart color is completely blue.
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