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Callas Eyelash Cleansing Brush is for cleansing eyelashes and eyelash extension. It is necessary to use cleaning brushes to clean the eyelash extension after using eyelash extension cleanser.

And you can go deep into pore for cleaning performance on the face, nose, and any cosmetic residue.

The soft, flexible bristles and flat shape of this eyelash cleaning brush allow for optimum, gentle movement between the eyelash extensions for the deepest clean.

This brush is a wood brush handle, aluminum brush tube, and soft Nylon fiber brush head.

[ How to use ]

Dip the brush into a small amount of eyelash extension cleanser. Rinse cleanser off of brush with warm water then use the rinsed brush and warm water to remove the cleanser from the extensions.

[ Tips ]

Always keep your brushes clean. Use soap and warm water to clean. Place on a flat surface to dry.

Hair: 12mm / Tube: 25mm / Handle: 105mm / Diameter: 8mm

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