Callas Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer

Callas Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer

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It is recommended that your makeup brushes are cleaned regularly, not only to remove old makeup, but also to remove bacteria, oil, dirt, and dead skin build-up that are often left on brushes after use. Eyeliner brushes should also be cleaned regularly to reduce the possibility of eye infections. The makeup brush cleaner washes and dries the brushes quickly and can clean up to 8 different sized brushes with its holders.

How to Use
1. Insert the spindle into the spinner.

2. Insert the collar into the spindlener.

3. Choose makeup brush to insert into the collar.

4. Put the brush into the bowl with some water and soap or makeup brush liquid cleanser.

5. Dunk the brush and turn on the spinner to clean the brush in a spinning motion.

6. Discard the water and finally repeat the procedure with no water to dry the brush.
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