Callas Intermediate-IP-Eyelash Extension Glue 0.17fl.oz/5g

Callas Intermediate-IP-Eyelash Extension Glue 0.17fl.oz/5g

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Callas Eyelash Extension Glue is formulated with LATEX-FREE. The formulation with LATEX-FREE is a low irritation type of glue that is safe for customers.
This glue is made for professional use only. Before use, shake the container up and down for about 20 times and mix the ingredients before using.
We have 3 different types of eyelash extension glue such as AP for professional with advanced experienced lashers, IP for professional with intermediately experienced lashers and GP Type for any general lashers.
These 3 types of glue have different bonding power, drying time, retention time fume level and viscosity.

How to Use
- Never touch the glue or remover to your client's skin.
- Store glue in a cool and dry location with the cap tightly closed.
- Use within 2 months of opening
- Keep out of reach from children
- If glue or remover should enter the eyes, flush immediately with water or saline
solution. If extreme redness or discomfort occurs, see a physician immediately

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