Callas Petit Wing Eyelashces 10 Pairs (CPWL-06)

Callas Petit Wing Eyelashces 10 Pairs (CPWL-06)

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CALLAS Petit Wing Eyelashes lets your eyes flutter like little wings without a care in the world. Create a dramatic dash of excitement. Transform. Spread your wings and fly.

How to Use
Use a Callas Eyelash Applicator to gently peel off CALLAS Petit Wing Lashes. If necessary, trim lash size to fit eyes.
Apply CALLAS Eyelash Adhesive to a bottom edge of a lash. Wait 10-15 seconds for CALLAS Adhesive to begin setting.
Apply eyelashes to upper natural line working from the outside corner inwards. After drying, use a Callas Eyelash Curler style eyelashes.
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