Enprani Le Primier Covering Pact (No.23 NAtural Beige) 0.52oz/15g

Enprani Le Primier Covering Pact (No.23 NAtural Beige) 0.52oz/15g

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Toned Brilliance
Advanced Radiance Layering
The jewel complex (gold + pearl powder + platinum powder) adds a healthy shine and silky texture powder with a luxurious touching sensation.

Close Cover
Perfectly and Thinly Covered
No Clutter, Tight Coverage A premium cover effect that smoothly covers various skin imperfections that appear as aging which produces a clean, bright skin.

Moisturizing Care,
Well-Aging Skin Care
Moisture and durability of the dermabrasion component without pulling and soft texture! The aging care that combines skin dryness and defects that appear over time to prevent skin aging.

Long-Lasting Persistence
Porous micro-powders of various sizes come in close contact with each other between the wrinkles of the skin and produce a transparent and smooth skin for a long time.

How to Use
Base Makeup Using the built-in puff at the end of the make-up, lightly apply it to the entire face, and press the delicate parts of the nose, eyes, and eyes.

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