Enprani Le Premier Essence Drop cover pact SPF 50+(No.21 Light Beige)

Enprani Le Premier Essence Drop cover pact SPF 50+(No.21 Light Beige)

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Glossy Cover,
Luminizing Cover with NO Flaws
Moisture Essence with Whitening Moist Serum which keeps the soft touch feel powder complexion and closely adheres to the skin as well as delicate and dense texture with Coverage!

Moisture Cover,
Ultra-Moisturizing Essence
Increases skin transparency, helps to improve wrinkles and tones of skin results. Softens and nourishes the skin with its elegant silky glow radiance to produce clear skin tone with the
“ droplets in water cage system ” immediately upon formation of the essence drop.

Blemish Cover,
Zero Defect Long-Lasting Cover
Brightens the blemished skin! Dull skin to be alive! Patented ingredients are blended into darkening or without the pain of a long time brightness and cleaned skin expression.
Concealer’s covering force is realized as soft foundation.

How to Use
How to Use
After taking an appropriate amount with a puff, gently apply it to the skin. Then tap it lightly for absorption

* How to Change the Refill
1. With the lid of the outer case fully open, push the bottom of the container upward.
2. Remove the contents after the unit is unattached, then attach the new refill unit to the container.

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