Feather Piany ML Razor With Guard For Eyebrow 3pcs (PI-ML)

Feather Piany ML Razor With Guard For Eyebrow 3pcs (PI-ML)

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The Piany PI-ML safety guard offers an extra measure of protection for your tender skin. It guards against scrapes and rashes caused by shaving too close. The long lasting platinum-hardened blade gives you an inexpensive shave after shave. Resign coating on the blade provides a gentle, smooth shave. Easier to apply eye make-ups after eyebrow has been shaved -- allowing you to look your absolute best.
It is specially designed for styling eyebrows. Shave from outside towards in between your eyebrow and end of your eyelid.

How to Use
To use, simply take out the clear plastic protective cap from the top. After use, put the cap back into the blade before storing.
To avoid irritation apply cream or soap to your skin prior to shaving.
After use, carefully wash the blade with water. Avoid wiping the edge if the blade as it may dull the blade prematurely.
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