Feather Flamingo T Razor With Guard For Body Shaving (FLT)

Feather Flamingo T Razor With Guard For Body Shaving (FLT)

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The Flamingo T razor was designed removing forunnecessary hair on your body.
Conveniently equipped with the guard.
Yellow and pink colorful pastel color
Contains two razors in a pack.

How to Use
- Pull the skin straight and taut with one hand, and shave with the other. Do not apply pressure with the razor

- FEATHER Flamingo T razors usually instruct you to shave in the direction of the hair growth,

- Long upward strokes are best on legs. Short side to side and up and down strokes may be necessary on the underarm, where hair grows all directions. Shave upwards on the pubic area.

- Rinse the blade often. Hairs on the blade will interfere with shaving.

- Make sure there's still shaving foam or soap wherever you're shaving.

- If you're shaving more than one area of the body, apply shaving gel to all areas, and then start shaving the finest hair first (usually the legs or belly).
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