Mandom Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake 2.8oz/80g

Mandom Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake 2.8oz/80g

Brand: Mandom
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Three dimentional design! Creates shake and random look.
Firmly holds random movement and produces a longer lasting 3D form.
Contains newly developed "smooth polymer" that creates less sticky and light finish.
Contains Moving Rubber that creates resilient finish and makes it possible to restyle as many times as you want.
Attractive style proposals, with advice from famous hair stylist & hair salon from Japan!
Refreshing green apple fragrance.
Preservative-free (Alkanediol-combined is a preservative-free ingredient).

How to Use
Apply a small dab on your hand. Spread it evenly with your hands and apply it onto your hair and hair ends.
Spread well onto palm and fingers. Blend into hair roots and ends in a lifting motion.
Create random groups while twisting hair to produce 3D volume.
Close the lid tightly after every use.
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