LK HwangHooBin Red Ginseng Skincare 5pcs Set

LK HwangHooBin Red Ginseng Skincare 5pcs Set

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Fermentation - a process of fermentation carried out by different types and strains of micro-organisms (yeast, lactic acid and other bacteria). The fermentation process is a process of decomposition of organic substances (mainly carbohydrate) to form other chemical substances and release energy. This occurs under the action of enzymes (enzymes) contained in microbial cells.
The main components of this nabora- root extract 6-year-old red ginseng, angelica and beans mung, as well as numerous extracts oriental medicinal plants and herbs.
General purpose - to strengthen, restore and rejuvenate the skin. All products are perfectly absorbed, without feeling sticky, moisturize the skin, making it denser. The emulsion for oily-combination skin can replace cream. In addition to the effect of anti-aging, all funds guarantee a recovery line water-lipid balance of the skin, and the skin, like the skin of a baby. For all skin types.
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