Callas The Make Up Pro Quadruple Eyeshadow (CES04) 0.11oz/3.1g

Callas The Make Up Pro Quadruple Eyeshadow (CES04) 0.11oz/3.1g

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The 4-Colored Eyeshadow Palette composes of trendy colors that are composite and sharp for a highlighter, base, point and liner that presents a 3-Dimensional eye shape look.

How to Use
1. Apply base color around the eyes.
2. With the brush tip use a point color and apply from the tail of the eye to the center.
3. With a liner color, draw a line by following the eye shape and fillup the area in between the eyelashes and slightly draw a line in the corner of the eye to bring a tail out. Also, draw the line and have it connect under the eye corner so it will look naturally connected.
4. To give a 3-dimensional look to your eyes, use a highlighter color and lightly give a touch in the front part of the eyes to the center area.

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