Dearderm Milky Dream  3.52oz/100g

Dearderm Milky Dream 3.52oz/100g

Brand: Dearderm
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Dream your beauty with milk!! Improves skin tone instantly!
Anti-aging & Brightening
For all Skin types

Milky Dream has been developed to dream your beauty with our specially formulated milky protein. Moisturize and tone your skin with the one step application. Brightens skin tone instantly and protects your skin from various outdoor pollutants. The Milky Dream will help create clear and transparent skin giving it a fresh and soft feeling!

How to Use
1. Tighten the lid after use.
2. Do not store in extreme high or low temperatures and keep out of direct sunlight
3. After basic skin care, apply a proper amount on the face, hands, and other desired areas and pat lightly for full absorption.
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