ReFa Carat (Model PEC-L1706)

ReFa Carat (Model PEC-L1706)

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Feel kneading sensation of ReFa CARAT with its unique squeezing motion

The ReFa CARAT is designed to replicate the gentle pinching and kneading sensation that an Aesthetician might include as part of your treatment. These actions stimulate your skin and the muscles below and increase circulation. The ReFa CARAT works on your body such as:

Jaw line
Inner thigh
However, once you experience the feel of a ReFa CARAT treatment, you’ll want to use it all over. And you can! Try using your ReFa CARAT on your cheeks, calf, chest and more. You’ll see the same great results wherever you use your ReFa CARAT. Plus it’s waterproof so you can take it just about anywhere!
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