SK II Facial Treatment Oil 1.6fl.oz/47ml

SK II Facial Treatment Oil 1.6fl.oz/47ml

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An intensely moisturizing face oil that combines SK-II heart, Pitera™, with nourishing oils to create a superior dry skin elixir. SK-II has perfected the delicate but miraculous balance of oils and Pitera™ to deliver ultimate hydration to dry skin. By combining Pitera™ with a nourishing oils complex—including naturally-derived Mediterranean olive oil, Latin American jojoba oil, South African avocado oil, Japanese Riceterol Ester and rice bran oil, and squalene—it targets dry skin caused by extreme cold and dry conditions and harmful environmental stressors. It contains fragrant lavender and carrot heart notes to provide a calming scent that soothes the senses.

98% of women felt their skin is moisturized immediately*
95% of women felt their skin looks radiant immediately*
91% of women felt it provides long-lasting moisturization*
88% of women felt it provides intense moisturization*
*In a use test on 58 women, after a single application

How to Use
Shake well before each use to ensure oil is evenly mixed
Pour a few drops (about five to seven drops) onto palm and smooth evenly over face
Apply before beauty serum
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