Dearderm Silicone Facial Cupping Therapy Set

Dearderm Silicone Facial Cupping Therapy Set

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Ultimate Facial Cupping Kit – Dearderm Facial Cupping Therapy set includes 2 Large Cups for face,
neck & décolletage, 2 Small Cups for under-eye area, lips & nasolabial fold, Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle – Cupping massage therapy is the oldest well-kept secret of Chinese acupuncture therapists. It helps to relax & prevent early aging, wrinkles, headaches & migraines. Tone and sculpt your skin, give it elasticity.

To see first results, use consistently with your favorite skin care product (oil, moisturizer, serum) for at least 4-6 weeks, 10-15 minutes daily
Improves Blood Circulation – Lift up your skin, improve lymphatic drainage & make your fine lines smooth again. Silicone cupping massage
increases blood flow as suction is applied so oxygen & nutrients can be delivered to the skin cells easier. Moreover, facial cupping stimulates the
production of collagen which will help redefine your facial contours 100% High-Quality & Hygienic - Dearderm Facial Massage Cups are produced from high-quality silicone which is totally safe and hygienic. This set is easy to clean and can be used over and over again

- Large Cup for Face: 1.57”x3.15” (40mm x 80mm), (DxH)
- Small Cup for Eye: 0.59”x1.97”(15mm x 50mm), (DxH)

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