Enprani Pore Sensor Trouble Spot Solution

Enprani Pore Sensor Trouble Spot Solution

Brand: Enprani
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Spot treatment that comfortably soothes reddened spot areas by reacting quickly.

Special spot care product that protects skin from external irritation, quickly soothing reddened and irritated areas by AC Diminish Complex, which contains Azelaic Acid.

Presents calming and soothing effects for restful skin.

- 1 Pore Sensor Trouble Spot Solution 20ml
- 1 Pore Sensor Skin Toner 25ml
- 1 Pore Sensor Emulsion 25ml
- 1 Pore Sensor Tightening Serum 5ml

How to Use
Squeeze a little on clean finger or cotton swab and pat to apply to reddened spot area.
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