Clarins Sun Delicious Self Tanning Cream 4.2oz/119g

Clarins Sun Delicious Self Tanning Cream 4.2oz/119g

Brand: Clarins
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Delicious Self-Tanning Cream with pure cocoa extracts lets you feel and look your very best in any weather. Treat yourself to the mouth-watering mix of a perfectly even tan and delightfully silky, scented skin. Provides a natural-looking tan with lasting radiance with a mistake-proof application that ensures even results. Moisturizes as it glides effortlessly under the fingertips to drape the skin in softness while an irresistible caramel color helps guide application. Its delightfully exquisite texture and nourishing properties provide numerous skin benefits and enhance your skin's beauty. Helps prevent premature skin aging.

How to Use
For an even, more radiant tan, thoroughly exfoliate your skin before application.

Spread cream evenly along fingertips and apply to both the face and body. Avoid eyebrows and the hairline. Wash hands well after application.
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