Su Wall Luxury Herb Feminine Purifying Liquid 10fl.oz/300ml

Su Wall Luxury Herb Feminine Purifying Liquid 10fl.oz/300ml

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Suwall Luxury Herbal Feminine Purifying Liquid

Herbal Extract: Carefully chosen 7 natural herbal ingredients such as Licorice, Ginseng, Sophora Root etc., this product protects the sensitive feminine skin and with an outstanding converging effect, it cultivates your skin to healthier skin.
Easy to Use: When pumping, rich foam is created right away so it's easy and convenient for usage.
Pleasant Feeling: Excellent menthol ingredient gives the feeling of refreshments and the scent of herb cleanses off the unpleasant odor.
Soft Texture: Because there is no additive color, the soft foam does not irritate the skin but works gently on skin. So woman with sensitive skin may use the product.
Protection effect: It automatically balances the PH level. So it protects the skin from outside pollutions.

Feminine vulva cleanser. Removes unpleasant odor.

How to Use
- Take ample amount and use up to 3 times per day.
- Apply it to wet towel, clean the vulva area and rinse with water or,
- Apply directly to skin, make foam with wet towel then rinse with water or, Mix with water and use.
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